Fotografija kao poruka u očima francuske umjetnice


Julie de Waroquier mlada je i vrlo perspektivna francuska fotografkinja. Samouka i kreativna, Julie koristi fotografiju kao poruku, igra se simbolima i granicama stvarnosti i mašte. Intrevju neću prevoditi jer će izgubiti kontekst, ali izvući ću još par bitnih stavki. Inspiraciju pronalazi u sjećanjima iz djetinjstva, svjesna je da njezine fotografije eksponiraju njezine emocije, ali vjeruje da umjetnost mora sadžavati jaku, moćnu emociju. Njezin savjet svima koji se žele okušati u fotografiji je da slijede emocije i pokušaju ih vizulaizirati. Ja sam oduševljena, njezinim djelima i riječima… Više na JULIE DE WAROQUIER

Julie de Waroquier is young and perspective French photographer. Read interview, for the first time on Stilueta, only English version 🙂

S: Your photos are very symbolic, dreamy and deep. I find them very interesting and emotionally. Do they represent you, in a way?

Yes and no. Yes, because my pictures come from my conscious and unconscious mind, so they reflect my personality. Somehow they are the mirror of my deepest soul, of my dreams and fears. But they don’t aim at representing me, because I want my pictures and my characters to be universal, so that everyone can identify him/herself in the story. I don’t want narcissic pictures.

S: Watching them I have a feeling you are trying to sent your message to the world throught them, am I right?

Each picture shares a message indeed, each picture tells a little story through symbols and characters. My full work delivers one message, and invites us to see our world in a different way.

S: Where do you find inspiration?

I find inspiration mostly in my childhood’s memories, in what I used to read, feel, and think when I was a child. I can’t say that my dreams inspire me, because unfortunately they are quite boring.

S: Is it hard to make art full of emotion? I believe photos reveal your soul and character. Do you feel exposed to the world?

On the one hand it’s difficult indeed to expose my thoughts, dreams and fears in pictures that can be seen by everuone. However I think it’s necessary to put strong emotions in a work of art, because an artwork without emotion is an artwork without soul. It’s a kind of necessary difficulty.

S: Looking at most of your photos I have a feeling of loneliness, lost souls missunderstood from others… Watching them to me is like entering a new world… Are you creating a new world with your camera???

Yes indeed, I try to show the world that we feel and not the world that we see. I try to make the invisible (feelings, thougts) visible in my symbolic pictures. I want to show the inner and subjective reality, which is as important as the reality of everyday life.

S: These days, with smartphones and all technology,  photography became very popular, what is you advise for all people who want to make ‘photoemotions’?

Simply listen to your own emotions, and try to visually express how you feel these emotions. Symbols really can help, and it is very simple; for example birds stand for freedom, sunrise for hope, etc.

Thank you Julie, I love you answers and your work. Also, I think we must give emotions in everything we do, then – it is the right thing. You are so young and talented, I see a very bright future and will be following you,  photos and messages to the world 🙂




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